The first of my “Ten Minute Workouts” ….

Well, after a crazy and very unhealthy weekend, I was excited about doing my 10 Minute Workout(s) this morning.

I think I should first explain that there are 2 DVDs and 5 workouts plus warm-ups and cool-downs. The 5 workouts are:

  • Cardio
  • Total Body
  • Lower Body
  • Abs
  • Yoga Flex

So, today I tried Total Body first, then Abs, then Yoga Flex – just a little too ambitious for my own good. I love the Yoga Flex. Nothing to crazy, just a good stretch and a good way to get me heart rate up. However, the Abs workout really kicked my butt!!!!! In my own defense, the girl on the video was struggling too. It’s 10 minutes of really intense ab work – no working up to something hard – just straight to the hard ab work. I am really out of shape so eventually I hope this gets easier. But, I stuck it out for all 3 work outs. I didn’t do everything correct, and I couldn’t do some of the moves, but I’m really hoping to improve over the next few weeks. Hey, I did try it. That’s far more than anything else I’ve done lately.


The really cool thing is – they are only 10 minutes each. That works great for me. Mentally, I just can’t set aside lots of time with 4 kids running around. But, 10 minutes is doable. The time goes by really fast. You don’t have time to think about it and then it’s over. I like that. Then, when I can steal another 10 minutes, I hide out and do something different!

Well, I’m going to keep trying. I have yet to try lower body – maybe tomorrow.

My fitness journey begins …

Well, after a few weeks of waiting … the “10 Minute Trainer” fitness program arrived yesterday. So … today is THE day to get started. I weighed myself, took a “before” picture (oh my! what a way to start my day!), and tried to carefully measure myself. Measuring (to me) can be very subjective so … I wanted the measuring to be as accurate as possible. Well .. It’s all recorded on a little piece of paper on my night stand. I’m still trying to decide how much of “myself” I want to share with all of you.


I started the day with the 10 minute cardio. It kicked my butt. I am so out of shape – it’s SAD!!!! I didn’t even try to use the resistance bands. I just wanted to actually be alive at the end of the 10 minutes.


After lunch (during nap time), I did the 10 minute yoga flex. OK. This was much more my speed. I don’t think I really burnt any calories but it was very relaxing and felt great to be all stretched out.


I’m thinking I’ll try to keep a weekly update to see how this journey goes. Look for an update next Friday … when I really hope to post some pounds and inches being lost somewhere …. somewhere really far from my butt!!!!!!