2011 MS Breakaway to the Beach

From 2011 Breakaway to the Beach

The Mid Atlantic Chapter of the National MS Society has done it again.  This is my third year participating in this event and as always it was a pleasure. The route was great and the support provided by the staff and volunteers was second to none. I was only able to ride on Sunday this year, but I did manage the 100 mile route.

Jackson Bluff Trail System

First time on Jackson Bluff Trail System this weekend and it was great. In 43 minutes I made 2 loops taking a few minutes to stop and look at the Cox Ferry Lake Recreational Area.  It was a great workout compared to riding on the road.

I’m not sure about cycling through this area with the little ones, but I am looking forward to walking the trails with them.

For more information, check the following links.

Waccamaw Trail Blazers




Tabitha has a bike ride under her belt.

We did this one for fun. No fancy bikes just an old mountain bike and a beach cruiser. I do believe I will be looking for a new bike for Tabitha.
We don’t get to see much change in elevation, but the headwinds would make you feel like you were in the mountains. It was cold this year and the winds were horrible. I still believe that any day on the bike is a good day.

2008 Cycling Season is Almost Over

This year I managed to log over 650 miles and around 60 hours on the bike.  As the days grow shorter and the temp drops outside the chances to ride are few and far between.  I hope to start 2009 with the Myrtle Beach Marathon Ride.  Tabitha has agreed to ride this one with me if I will run the 5k with her on Friday.  We have a few months to get a bike for her and get ready.  It looks like rides will be limited to the weekends until then. We will continue to run and I may try to grab an indoor trainer later this year.  I want to ride at least 1500 miles next year and run 300 miles.  That seems like a reasonable goal (My boss would be proud).

My Best Run So Far (Maybe it is just a fast walk)

I still can’t keep up with Tabitha, but I feel better after running tonight.  I managed to cover 2.6 miles in 42 minutes.  Today has been a busy day.  We started with a 9.1 mile bike ride and we both managed to run on the treadmill before bed.  I’m looking foward to a good night sleep and I feel sure we will be up early with the little ones.  Jessie is on stage with The Big House in the morning so we will have to be on the road early.

2008 Bike MS Route – Cycling in the Hills

This is the Saturday Route for the 2008 Bike MS Ride in our area. I hope to make it another 40 or 67 miles on Sunday. We’ll have to see how I feel after 80 miles on Saturday.