Lake Waccamaw Family Campout

This was our first time at Lake Waccamaw and our first family camping trip with the Troop.

Friday night was interesting with a race to setup camp before dark and there was a little rain during the night, but we managed.

Saturday was a very busy day.  We had fun watching the scouts cook their own pancake breakfast before heading out for our service project.  The kids made the 5 mile walk to the dam and back collecting trash as they went.  Lunch for the families was prepared by the scouts and enjoyed by all.  They did a great job. The afternoon was perfect for a dip in the lake.  It gave everyone a chance to cool off before we began a family scavenger hunt. The afternoon ended with a Court Of Honor. The scouts received individual recognition for badges and rank they had earned.  Saturday continued with a second Court Of Honor for a soon to be Eagle Scout and concluded with a retirement ceremony for two flags. This was a great way to end the day.  It focused on the highest rank that can be achieved in scouting, a goal that all of our scouts should strive for.  It also focused on the reverence that we should have for our freedom, our country and the symbols that represent it.

On Sunday morning a service was presented by our Troop Chaplin before we broke camp.  A quick sweep of the site to ‘Leave No Trace’ completed the weekend and we were on our way home.

This was a great weekend with the Troop.  Many thanks to the leaders involved in making this happen and providing this opportunity to these kids.  I personally would like to thank them for the work that they do weekly for our Troop.

Bailey at Camp Bob Cooper

Continuing with the Summer Camp theme, Bailey has begun a week at Camp Bob Cooper.  She was greeted with smiling faces in her dorm and a beautiful view of the lake.

Camp Coker Parent Night 2010

Here are a few pictures from Family Night. Had a great time last night. It was a reminder of how much you can enjoy the basics. The old shelters kept us dry, the boys cooked supper in an open fire and people talking face to face.

Summer Adventures Begin for 2010


Last summer the adventure was three weeks in an RV covering 7,000 miles (here). We saw this wonderful country in a way that we had never imagined that we would. This year is going to be different. Last year was completely centered around exploring as a family. This year we are trying to give each of the kids an adventure of their own.  Jessie headed out this morning for a week camping trip with Boy Scout Troop 830 (Camp Coker).  We have been out of scouting for a few years and I am really excited that he is interested in this great program again.  If we get an update from him during the week, I will add comments.  I hope he takes plenty of pictures and has a few stories we can post next week.

Day 21 – Thursday – Williamsburg, Ohio

Today was spent hanging out with Papaw Fred and Mamaw Mary’s house in Ohio.

We arrived after long drive from St Louis last night and early this morning … to a very excited and waiting family. My mom said she had to stop looking at the pics on our web site because it was making her miss us even more 🙂 So … she was waiting in the yard when we arrived … she was jumping about 3 feet off the ground!!!

Today was very calm and uneventful. Papaw Fred had his last treatment this morning. They are not going for a cure … just trying to lessen the growth and the pain .. the drs have given him another 6 months … so we hope to make a few more trips with mom this year to visit our family here.

Today was spent recounting our adventure … sharing pictures and laughs … the kids getting to play with mom and showing her all the things they had “collected” along the way.

We ended the evening with pizza … and I actually fell asleep sitting on the couch with everyone talking around me … it was great to have help with the kids!!!

Day 20 – 3rd and Final Stop – St Louis Arch

Today was a very big and busy day …. the kids (and I) loved all 3 stops we made … and we were able to put some miles behind us …. we will not be stopping tonight … want to have time with our family tomorrow … so we will drive as much as the Captain can thru the night …

The Gateway Arch was very cool … I had no idea all that stuff was under the Arch … the kids headed straight for the Jr Ranger station … and Jikkal grabbed our hiking medallions from the gift shop …. it was already after 8:00 but I was excited to find out that the Arch stayed open till 10PM … so we had plenty of time to check out the museum and complete our workbooks …

Day 20 – Stop #2 – T REX Cafe in Kansas City

There are only 2 T Rex Cafes …. the one in Orlando … and this one in Kansas …. it’s kind of like a Rain Forest Cafe …. the older 2 have been to the Rain Forest Cafe in Orlando … but the little guys have never seen anything like this …. Dancing Mermaid says she didn’t remember Rain Forest Cafe …. so … this was a huge treat for them … they were so excited when we walked inside … and went crazy when we told them that this was were we were eating lunch … I love surprises!!!!

Day 20 – Wed, July 29th – 1st Stop – Moon Marble Company and Demo

My family loves marbles …. so when I saw this place … we had to stop … It’s in Bonner Spring, Kansas … just west of Kansas City, Kansas … … they were super nice … and the store was packed … they had soooo many toys … it was ridiculous … the kids went crazy … but we stuck to picking out marbles for our souvenir … the huge “marble ring” gave me some ideas for when we get home … and we loved the marble making demo … thanks Mr. Bruce …

Day 18 – Landing the Dutchman at DeerCreek RV

We landed tonight shortly after visiting Truckhenge …. about 8:00 PM … we found a Good Sam’s campground only a few miles away and decided to call it a day …. we had 2 more stops planned for today … and I really didn’t want to skip them … so we will stop here for today … and try to make our next 2 stops before we start the big big push towards Ohio tomorrow …

This campground is really nice and only cost $28 … WOW!!! … They have a nice pool and playground … concrete pads to park the RV and the parking pads are level … The kids head straight for the pool and the playground … they are right beside each other so they can all play at the same time … they can play in the pool or the playground and I can see both …. Jikkal grabs his bike for a few spins around the park and then heads for his computer … they also have free wifi … wooohooo!!! Everyone is happy!!!

After some playtime outside … I make a quick dinner of tacos and then its not long before bed … of course, I head straight for the laundry (once everyone is settled) … I have 2 loads I would like to get done … I think this will be the last of the laundry …. I can do some at Papaw’s or when I get home … since we only have a a few more days … there are plenty of clothes in here to get us home …. although I’m starting to get a good rhythm going with the laundry and updating the web site after the kids go to bed ..LOL!!!