Lake Waccamaw Family Campout

This was our first time at Lake Waccamaw and our first family camping trip with the Troop.

Friday night was interesting with a race to setup camp before dark and there was a little rain during the night, but we managed.

Saturday was a very busy day.  We had fun watching the scouts cook their own pancake breakfast before heading out for our service project.  The kids made the 5 mile walk to the dam and back collecting trash as they went.  Lunch for the families was prepared by the scouts and enjoyed by all.  They did a great job. The afternoon was perfect for a dip in the lake.  It gave everyone a chance to cool off before we began a family scavenger hunt. The afternoon ended with a Court Of Honor. The scouts received individual recognition for badges and rank they had earned.  Saturday continued with a second Court Of Honor for a soon to be Eagle Scout and concluded with a retirement ceremony for two flags. This was a great way to end the day.  It focused on the highest rank that can be achieved in scouting, a goal that all of our scouts should strive for.  It also focused on the reverence that we should have for our freedom, our country and the symbols that represent it.

On Sunday morning a service was presented by our Troop Chaplin before we broke camp.  A quick sweep of the site to ‘Leave No Trace’ completed the weekend and we were on our way home.

This was a great weekend with the Troop.  Many thanks to the leaders involved in making this happen and providing this opportunity to these kids.  I personally would like to thank them for the work that they do weekly for our Troop.

Camp Coker Parent Night 2010

Here are a few pictures from Family Night. Had a great time last night. It was a reminder of how much you can enjoy the basics. The old shelters kept us dry, the boys cooked supper in an open fire and people talking face to face.

Summer Adventures Begin for 2010


Last summer the adventure was three weeks in an RV covering 7,000 miles (here). We saw this wonderful country in a way that we had never imagined that we would. This year is going to be different. Last year was completely centered around exploring as a family. This year we are trying to give each of the kids an adventure of their own.  Jessie headed out this morning for a week camping trip with Boy Scout Troop 830 (Camp Coker).  We have been out of scouting for a few years and I am really excited that he is interested in this great program again.  If we get an update from him during the week, I will add comments.  I hope he takes plenty of pictures and has a few stories we can post next week.