Sunday – Aug 2nd – The Flying Dutchman has landed!!

We are home!!!

We have traveled …. 6961 miles in 3 weeks …. CRAZY!!!!

We left July 10th …. returned Aug 2nd …. traveled thru 22 states …. have taken around 2300 pics and over 100 video clips … that just Jamie and I …. haven’t checked all the kids pics and vids yet 🙂

I will post more later … just wanted to let everyone know we were home!

Day 21 – Thursday – Williamsburg, Ohio

Today was spent hanging out with Papaw Fred and Mamaw Mary’s house in Ohio.

We arrived after long drive from St Louis last night and early this morning … to a very excited and waiting family. My mom said she had to stop looking at the pics on our web site because it was making her miss us even more 🙂 So … she was waiting in the yard when we arrived … she was jumping about 3 feet off the ground!!!

Today was very calm and uneventful. Papaw Fred had his last treatment this morning. They are not going for a cure … just trying to lessen the growth and the pain .. the drs have given him another 6 months … so we hope to make a few more trips with mom this year to visit our family here.

Today was spent recounting our adventure … sharing pictures and laughs … the kids getting to play with mom and showing her all the things they had “collected” along the way.

We ended the evening with pizza … and I actually fell asleep sitting on the couch with everyone talking around me … it was great to have help with the kids!!!