Topless at Bird Island ?

There are many stories about Bird Island and what can be seen on this isolated piece of beach. We saw plenty of families and nothing out of the way. We had a great time. We parked at Sunset Beach and made the 2.25 mile walk to Bird Island. We were amazed at the the difference that a few miles make on the Carolina coast. The waves and water color seemed so much more appealing than what we normally see. The sand even felt softer. If you do decide to walk to this location, just remember that there is a 2.25 mile walk back.

We have chosen our turn around point, I think.

We can’t come home without seeing the Pacific. We have been trying to decide for weeks about the place we will step into the water on the west coast. There are still a few options, but at this point we are planning on the iconic Santa Monica Pier.  On September 9, 1909, after sixteen months of construction, the Santa Monica Municipal Pier opened to the public.  Thousands of people swarmed onto the 1,600-foot-long concrete pier to enjoy a festive day of band concerts, swimming races and the novelty of walking above the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  We will miss the Century celebration by a month, but it will still be amazing to see it.

This decision is not final and we would love opinions from everyone.

T-Shirt Image

Check out the image for the Vacation T-Shirts. It makes it easier to keep track of the kids if you know what they have on. We found a company ( that will do the shirts for $4.95 shipped. I don’t think we will be able to beat that deal. I still plan on having vinyl cut for the RV. I can’t wait to see the comments while we are on the road.