Little Pee Dee State Park

This was our first real outing in the RV.   We  needed somewhere close that we could hookup for one night and test a few of the systems.  It looks like everything is working, but I think I will still get the AC, refrigerator, and generator serviced.
The park was nice and quite until we got there.  We fell asleep to the sound of frogs singing on the lake.  Enjoyed a nice  walk on Saturday morning to the beaver dam and found a geocache while we were there.  We also saw plenty of baby snakes, less than 6 inches long.  We’ll have to visit again when there is more time.

The First Step for Our Summer Adventure

I guess it is official.   We are really going to try to make this a summer vacation to remember.  We took the first real step on Saturday and purchased our first RV.  It is used and will need some TLC before we set out on our 7000+ mile trip this summer.  We are planning a trip from the east coast to the Grand Canyon with dozens of stops in between.  I will try to keep you posted as we continue to plan and as we go west.   Today’s thunder storms did help us locate a few leaks, but they should be easy to repair.  We will probably become good friends with the crew @ Camping World.

Our First RV