Waccatee Zoo

This was just a short Sunday outing to the Waccatee Zoological Farm. Two animal groups seemed to get the most attention from our group. The peacocks were amazing. I see no evolution in these beautiful masterpieces. The second group were the baby goats. They had four newborns that still carried their cords. These are a few of our favorite pics. I hope you enjoy them.  BTW,  Jessie seems to have a way to make the horses say cheese.

Fort Moultrie

It was great to see the Stars and Bars standing in the breeze as we enter the fort. This is were the Civil War began. This is were the first shot was fired. It was amazing to stand and look out at Fort Sumter. There have been a lot of changes in the last 148 years for this fort and our country. As we stood there I wondered, are we as strong now as we were back then? Are we willing to stand against internal forces that seek to destroy our Constitution and the principles that our country was founded on? Do we trust our government too much? Do we understand how it works enough to question its actions? Most of us do not (I include myself in that us).

I guess this is not the direction I intended for this post.  It was a great outing.  We managed to pick up our National Parks Annual pass in preparation for this summer’s adventure and talked to multiple volunteers about traveling out west.  We even managed to see a few dolphins before heading toward home.  We topped the day off with dinner at The McClellanville Diner.  The fresh shrimp were unbelievable.

Hampton Plantation

Hampton Plantation is both a National Historic Landmark and South Carolina State Historic Site. The Georgian-style mansion sits on 274 acres along the Wambaw Creek. This site was visited by Francis Marion shortly after Charleston was captured by the British. The Swamp Fox swam Wambaw Creek and disappeared into the rice fields on the other side to escape capture.
We spent a few hours touring the grounds, but did not get to take the mansion tour. The gardens and oaks on the property were magnificent. Great stretching point between home and Charleston.