The Heart Of Rock & Roll Is Still Beating

It looks like the Hard Rock Park may live again. FPI MB has purchased the park and plans to reopen on Memorial Day Weekend. Season 1 pass holders will be happy to know that those passes will be good for another year. We are already excited and ready to spend afternoons this summer in the park. We hope that the new management, price cuts and advertising will make this park a success this year. It will also help this area by creating 750+ new jobs. The $400 million park was purchased for $25 million and they plan to spend an additional $15 million before reopening. This should help add a few new rides for the little ones and insure that they big rides are operational every day.


Tabitha has a bike ride under her belt.

We did this one for fun. No fancy bikes just an old mountain bike and a beach cruiser. I do believe I will be looking for a new bike for Tabitha.
We don’t get to see much change in elevation, but the headwinds would make you feel like you were in the mountains. It was cold this year and the winds were horrible. I still believe that any day on the bike is a good day.

We have survived our first 5K run.

Last night we participated in the RBC Bank 5K. This a part of the Myrtle Beach Marathon weekend. Tabitha did well completing in a little over 30 minutes. I walked it in about 42 minutes. We are going to also ride in the Michelob Ultra bike event on Sunday. We are only planning for 30 miles this year. We still have not found a road bike for Tabitha and will be riding the mountain bikes this time. It should be fun and we look forward to an early morning ride.