Lightening McQueen is My Hero

It is amazing what a new set of Lightening McQueen sheets can do. This is the first nap in a bed we have been arguing about for months. He also went to bed tonight with no trouble. We’ll see if he makes it until morning.
First Nap in New Bed

Just keep swimming … just keep swimming …

ok … so I haven’t posted in a while …

I am still TRYING to run … I say trying because I still don’t fill I am actually running.

I have ran for 30 minutes …. I have ran for 3 miles … and I finally ran a 5K (3.1 miles).

I still can not do these consistently. I ran 2 miles once this week but was not able to make 3m or 5K. Of course I still walk and try to burn those calories away but we have a 5K to run with our life group in Feb. Am I going to be able to do it???? I don’t want to embarass myself 🙂

Here’s an update on how great the running/treadmill are working – I have lost 18 pounds!!!!! I am hoping to lose 20 by Christmas so I am still working hard at cutting out calories and fats. 2 more pounds by next week doesn’t sound that hard but I have been stuck at this weight for at least 2 weeks … maybe 3 … ughh!!!!! I have made it back to a size 6 in jeans and I’m hoping to see my size 4’s soon … I don’t think I will ever see 3’s or 1’s again but I will be excited with 4’s – VERY excited to be in a size 4 – not 10’s … I just need to keep working … or as Dori says … just keep swimming … just keep swimming …

HEROES Season 1 has been a Great Motivator


This is an NBC series that is now in it’s third season.  I don’t seem to follow any shows on a regular basis, life keeps getting in the way (Life is always more important than television).   As the temperature has begun to drop and the days have grown shorter, we were finding it difficult to make time outside for exercise.  We were actually not very motivated to exercise at all. It seemed that we were dreading the treadmill and the time spent on it.  A friend suggested HEROES as a way to pass the time as we endured our nightly walk/run.  After watching the first night we were hooked.  The new rule was that we could not watch HEROES unless you were on the treadmill.  Each episode is about 42 minutes long and that time seems to fly by.  I finished Season one last night and I am hoping to start season 2 tonight.  I’m not sure what the plan will be after Season 2.  If you have any suggestions, let us know.  We will probably have to turn to for a while.  They have a few episodes from season 3, but not all of them.