Yes, We are Thankful @

With another holiday weekend in the record books, it is time to reflect on the last four days. The first thing that I am thankful for is the fact that I had four days to spend with family and friends.

We got an early start on Thursday.  For the second year our family served at the Coastal Rescue Mission.  The volunteers that help support this organization are great. After months of planning their hard work was repaid with smiles as more than 250 meals were served.

Thanksgiving was completed with a late lunch with my family and a relaxing afternoon. It is always nice to get outside with the kids and walk around the old farm. The kids love to hear stories about the trouble my siblings and I managed to get into growing up.

Friday was a lazy day. We did not battle the lines for the not so deep discounts.  I don’t think we left the house all day.   Actually the kids did, they enjoyed an outing with the grandparents and Madagascar 2. We ended the evening sitting around a small fire on the back deck. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Saturday was a Family Reunion for the McDaniels side of our family. Great food and fellowship. The mood couldn’t be dampened by the wet weather. The kids had a blast as kids usually do and to top it all off,  The Clemson Tigers declared victory over the Gamecocks. The only downer to this event was that our car ended up in a ditch on the way out. I was covered in mud from head to to in 50 degree rain for about 30 minutes, but it was all good.

On Sunday we enjoyed lunch with the Rabon side of Tabitha’s family. After riding the tractor, checking on the cows and a few games of checkers we were ready to head home.  We were missing some one though,  Jessie and Tyler had been gone for a while. The golf cart was also missing.  We did manage to find them at the pond. The golf cart was stuck with about to inches of mud covering it from top to bottom. They boys didn’t look much better.  They were hosed off in the front yard with the golf cart and we were finally heading home.

With three Thanksgiving Dinners and a Family Reunion this weekend, I don’t expect the scales to be very kind in the morning. I passed on a really good opportunity to ride on Friday and only managed to run twice during the break.  It’s back to work in the morning as the Christmas countdown begins.

Go Tigers !

VBHE Fall Fest 2008

I know it is hard to believe, but we do allow the kids to venture outside for things other than spelling B’s. This is another example of our families interacting with others. There aren’t as many pictures of the kids as I would have liked. They were enjoying their freedom gathering leaf samples for a school project and quizzing each other on physics facts. You know how kids are. They had a blast.

2008 Cycling Season is Almost Over

This year I managed to log over 650 miles and around 60 hours on the bike.  As the days grow shorter and the temp drops outside the chances to ride are few and far between.  I hope to start 2009 with the Myrtle Beach Marathon Ride.  Tabitha has agreed to ride this one with me if I will run the 5k with her on Friday.  We have a few months to get a bike for her and get ready.  It looks like rides will be limited to the weekends until then. We will continue to run and I may try to grab an indoor trainer later this year.  I want to ride at least 1500 miles next year and run 300 miles.  That seems like a reasonable goal (My boss would be proud).

My Best Run So Far (Maybe it is just a fast walk)

I still can’t keep up with Tabitha, but I feel better after running tonight.  I managed to cover 2.6 miles in 42 minutes.  Today has been a busy day.  We started with a 9.1 mile bike ride and we both managed to run on the treadmill before bed.  I’m looking foward to a good night sleep and I feel sure we will be up early with the little ones.  Jessie is on stage with The Big House in the morning so we will have to be on the road early.

First 20 minute run and my body is reshaping!

Well … it’s been a while since I have posted any info … I have been very busy with homeschooling and learning to run!

I’ve lost count of the weeks but to the best of my recollection, I am on week 7.  I have not followed the plan exactly. I have taken breaks when I felt it was needed and I have pushed myself on days that I knew I needed to.

Last week a did several sets of run 7 and walk 3. Last night I warmed up for 5 minutes and then ran 20 mins. I must be running slow because I ran last night at 4.8 mph. I generally try to run at 5 mph but I felt it was necessary for the first night of the 20 min run to be successful. I want to try 20 min at 5 mph next and then maybe 20 min at 5.2 – but that still doesn’t get me to a 5K in 20 minutes.

Any ideas what the deal is with that? Does everyone run a 5K in 30 minutes?????

The good news is I have lost 11 pounds since I weighed in on my original plan (Ten Minute Workouts). I have also done a bit of measuring which shows a loss of over 5 inches: almost 1 in. on each arm, over 1 in. on each leg, and 1 in. around my middle. YEA!!!!

Playcard Swamp Fest 2008

This is one of our favorite fall outings each year.  The weather was perfect.  We managed to take the hay ride and visit a few booths before rushing to a birthday party. They were still trying to get a fire going to make some pottery when we left.  The old flint stone and green wood were not cooperating.  We also had to skip the kayaks this year.  There wasn’t enough time to see all of the cool stuff.  Playcard is an educational center that has many interesting events all year.  Our homeschool group has camped in the indian teepee’s onsite.

Halloween with the Big House

This year our church decided to make our presence known in Horry County.  We had about thirty houses that showed videos from our children’s program, passed out DVD’s and distributed tons of candy.  We were one of those houses and we had a blast.

Turbeville Family Reunion

We had a Turbeville Family Reunion last weekend.  I can’t remember when the last one was.  I really appreciated the chance to sit around,  Hear a few stories about the past and get a few pictures.  I also got a chance to fill in a few spots on my Geni tree.