2008 Bike MS Route – Cycling in the Hills

This is the Saturday Route for the 2008 Bike MS Ride in our area. I hope to make it another 40 or 67 miles on Sunday. We’ll have to see how I feel after 80 miles on Saturday.

I want to run … not run away … just learn to run!!!

I have really put on weight since we started homeschooling … not sure why … but I have! ¬†Well, I want to loose weight, have some time to myself and time to shake-off some stress. From what I “hear” and read about … running is a great way to do all of these things. So … I’m going to try and learn how to “run”. After all, I teach my kids Latin, Math, how to read, and many other subjects … to be sure I can learn how to do this!!

Well, I have started training – 2 days now. I think it’s going to be easy. I just have to stick with it. I’m trying the approach of 6/8 minutes of walking and then running for 1 or 2 minutes. I do this rotation for 30/35 minutes – trying very hard to breath deep and stay very calm – no over doing it! Then each week, I’ll take it up a notch.

I’m very excited. I think this could work. I just play something on the computer to watch, put on my headphones, jump on the treadmill, and focus. So far, my hubby has only allowed me to train on the treadmill – I think he is scared a may start running and not come back ūüôā My hope is to start on the treadmill but eventually head outside for this great fall weather. Right now, the¬†convenience¬†of the timer and computer are helping to keep me motivated. Plus, Jamie rides when he gets home and it gets dark pretty fast after that.

Let’s see if I can keep this up … It would be great to eventually run a marathon but that’s not what I’m after … I just want to de-stress and loose¬†weight¬†at the same time.

Williamsburg 2008

Our first day in Colonial Williamsburg.

We managed to sit in at the County Courthouse for a few moments before touring the Governor’s Palace, The Magazine and The Book Binders.¬† We managed to keep the kids there for most of the day befor returning to the lodge and hitting the water park.

Williamsburg 2008 – Day 2

We could not pass by The Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery without stopping. This gave the kids a chance to stretch, skip a few rocks and enjoy a wonderful lake.

The last stop before entering Williamsburg was the home of President Tyler. We took a quick tour of the grounds and enjoyed a simple lunch before moving on.

Day two completed the travel to the Great Wolf Lodge.

Williamsburg 2008 – The Homeschool Edventure Begins – Day 1

As we hit the road on Saturday morning we had no plan other than heading North on I95. I tried to make South of the Border our first stop. I have never seen the world from the top of a giant sombrero. I couldn’t convince the rest of the crowd that we were missing a huge educational and cultural experience and we continued north.

We stopped at the NC Welcome Center for maps, photos and ideas before pushing northward again.

Hours and miles passed and Historical Halifax appeared on the horizon. We honestly expected this to be a joke, but we were pleasantly surprised. There visitor center would close in 15 minutes, but there staff was extremely polite. They allowed us to stay a little late to view a really cool video about the area and provided information for a self tour of the site. This stop allowed the kids to stretch before the final leg to exit 11B on I95 in Virginia.

We had one last stop to grab another map and photos before turning in for the night. We survived day one and will try to keep you updated as we continue on this journey.

Will the Gas Price Cycle impact a Homeschool Vacation ?

It’s Friday morning. We are scheduled to depart on our vacation in the morning. The news is reporting the gas prices may jump by $1.50 today. Last night most of the stores in town were out of gas completely. We‚Äôll have to wait and see what happens before we make our decision. Gas @ $5 per gallon would probably not stop us from going, the question is can we get enough to get back next weekend?

Homeschooling with HEART

Want to know something about us that I haven’t posted yet???


I run a homeschool co-op called HEART – Homeschoolers Educating through Art, Recreation, and Technology.

Talk about making homeschooling fun!!! HEART is fun AND educational.

Classes are 1 day a week – in the Spring we do 16 weeks and in the Fall we do 12 weeks. We try to pack everything into this one day so we can focus on our “book” work the rest of the week. We have classes for everything – Solar System to Chemistry, from Art to Cartooning, from Writing to Literature studies, from playground games to Photography, from dance to Tae Kwon Doe and everything in between. Moms teach classes and we also pay local artist/instructors to teach classes. It’s a great day for the kids and a great day for the parents. The moms love getting to hang out with other homeschoolers and support each other and love on each other.

This is my 3rd year leading this group. We have over 65 families and over 150 kids onsite each week. THIS IS MY MINISTRY and I LOVE IT!!! This is also the area God is using to grow me. Of course, He grows me daily in our homeschooling but He is also growing my leadership skills each day through our co-op.

As with everything else in my life (probably because I’m not great at sitting still and listening for God’s call), this was an “accidental” undertaking on my part. However, from the first week I knew this was my call, it has blessed me and my family and made our homeschool experience even more rich and has blessed us with friends we love sharing life with.

If you are interested in getting a co-op started in your area and would like advice, don’t hesitate to ask. I have great resources and experience that I would love to share with you.

But you must have the HEART for it … leadership comes from the HEART … and it will flow from you to your group.

By the way, I had just finished reading Waking the Dead when I learned I needed to start a co-op in our area. That’s when I got stuck on the name HEART.