A cycling update from a fat man

It is Sunday night. It has been over six weeks since I posted my very optimistic goals for weight loss. I have only covered 179 miles in the saddle and dropped only six pounds. With only four weeks between me and Rock Hill, I do not believe that my 200 lb weight goal will be achieved. There is always the wishful thought that the fat is really melting away and massive amounts of muscle are taking its place.  Hey, it could happen.  I have covered most of these miles with the little ones in tow.  That has to count for someting.  I am not discouraged.  I will survive 2008 Bike MS.  If you are intrested in the route, it is posted on MapMyRide.com.

The Shack

It’s about 7:00 Am on Friday morning. I have just finished the book and it is great.

This is a story. A book of fiction, but it does make you think about GOD in a few very real ways. Religious critics have been very hard on this book in my opinion. There are numerous websites devoted to deterring anyone from this very thought provoking read. The author, William Young, address some extremely hard questions that most people do not have answers for. The book simply challenges us to look beyond the limits we place on a limitless GOD. I may not agree theologically with every idea presented in this book, but I do believe that this thrilling story was written with only good intentions. The author has the Catalyst Conference on his schedule this year and I hope to speak to him there. I say pick it up and try it for yourself.

To All Wii Fans ( and geeks ) this is a must see

This is a new site that some of my friends at work have been watching for a few months. Johnny Lee’s video on Wii remote hacks was the first video passed to me on TED.org. I was amazed at the possibilities for this not so simple game controller and I am sure there are many more in the works.

There are hundreds of video’s available on the TEDtalks podcast and ted.org.  As a believer in creation, I do not agree with the views and opinions of some of the guest, but there are many talks worth watching.