The first of my “Ten Minute Workouts” ….

Well, after a crazy and very unhealthy weekend, I was excited about doing my 10 Minute Workout(s) this morning.

I think I should first explain that there are 2 DVDs and 5 workouts plus warm-ups and cool-downs. The 5 workouts are:

  • Cardio
  • Total Body
  • Lower Body
  • Abs
  • Yoga Flex

So, today I tried Total Body first, then Abs, then Yoga Flex – just a little too ambitious for my own good. I love the Yoga Flex. Nothing to crazy, just a good stretch and a good way to get me heart rate up. However, the Abs workout really kicked my butt!!!!! In my own defense, the girl on the video was struggling too. It’s 10 minutes of really intense ab work – no working up to something hard – just straight to the hard ab work. I am really out of shape so eventually I hope this gets easier. But, I stuck it out for all 3 work outs. I didn’t do everything correct, and I couldn’t do some of the moves, but I’m really hoping to improve over the next few weeks. Hey, I did try it. That’s far more than anything else I’ve done lately.


The really cool thing is – they are only 10 minutes each. That works great for me. Mentally, I just can’t set aside lots of time with 4 kids running around. But, 10 minutes is doable. The time goes by really fast. You don’t have time to think about it and then it’s over. I like that. Then, when I can steal another 10 minutes, I hide out and do something different!

Well, I’m going to keep trying. I have yet to try lower body – maybe tomorrow.

The Sun News Article

I had a really great day.  The Sun News is running an article on the 2008 Bike MS Ride.  I was one of three riders from Horry and Georgetown counties choosen to do interviews. We should hit the local papers on Wednesday, July 30th.

My fitness journey begins …

Well, after a few weeks of waiting … the “10 Minute Trainer” fitness program arrived yesterday. So … today is THE day to get started. I weighed myself, took a “before” picture (oh my! what a way to start my day!), and tried to carefully measure myself. Measuring (to me) can be very subjective so … I wanted the measuring to be as accurate as possible. Well .. It’s all recorded on a little piece of paper on my night stand. I’m still trying to decide how much of “myself” I want to share with all of you.


I started the day with the 10 minute cardio. It kicked my butt. I am so out of shape – it’s SAD!!!! I didn’t even try to use the resistance bands. I just wanted to actually be alive at the end of the 10 minutes.


After lunch (during nap time), I did the 10 minute yoga flex. OK. This was much more my speed. I don’t think I really burnt any calories but it was very relaxing and felt great to be all stretched out.


I’m thinking I’ll try to keep a weekly update to see how this journey goes. Look for an update next Friday … when I really hope to post some pounds and inches being lost somewhere …. somewhere really far from my butt!!!!!!

For those who like the details ….

Here is what I am planning for next year;

Jessie – 12, almost 13 – will be in 7th grade

He will be participating in Classical Conversations – Challenge A program.

This will mean a lot of good stuff for him and allow him to have time with his friends.He will also do Wordly Wise and work on web stuff with his dad.

Bailey is 9 and will be in the 4th grade, so:

Saxon 5/4

Easy Grams/Daily Grams/and some Essentials from Classical Conversations

She will round out everything with Classical Conversations Foundations program.

Kayla is now 5 and will be going in K5

She will be in Classical Conversations Foundations program.

She will also do Horizons Math K.

We will work on phonics with Sing, Spell, Read and Write, Hooked on Phonics, Sonlight, and whatever else it takes to get her “on the road to reading”!!!!

Jordan is now 2 and will do “whatever he can possibly do to slow down the progress of the school train”!!!!

I also direct a homeschool group called HEART – Homeschoolers Educating thru Arts, Recreation, and Technology. We meet on Mondays for a day of really cool classes and activities for the kids and the moms.

The school count-down begins ….

Well … I don’t know about you, but we LOVE summer time. It’s our time to play, to let go of schedules, to not worry about school work … It’s also time to spend the night with friends, attend gatherings, go to beach days, catch up with old friends …


Basically it’s a time of real fun and freedom.


So… when I looked at the calendar and realized that we HAVE to start back school on the 21st of August … reality really started to kick-in. We only have 4 more weeks to get in all the “fun” we had hoped for in summer and also to get ready for school.


So .. the count down begins .. less than a month before we start back school .. that’s the down side. The up-side is we still have 4 weeks of fun left to go. Also, 4 weeks for mommy to get next year planned.


So … let’s have some fun and enjoy our freedom while it lasts!!!!!! 

Talking about fun .. tomorrow is our weekly beach day with the homeschool group!!!!

We homeschool … but we’re not weird …

Yes, we homecshool –  but we don’t have 14 kids and we have great social skills.

What a strange way to start a blog but I wanted to get the obvious questions out of the way.

We are different – or at least I hope we are – than the rest of the world. If not, then I’m failing …


I want me kids to be smart but also to have great hearts – to look at the world different than most people in the main stream. BUT … we are also real people, with real struggles, with real failures.


This is the place a plan to post our attempts, our accomplishments, and our short-comings. (Mine more than anyone else). I hope to give you a glimpse into a real home –  a real family – with a real love for God and the church, a real hope for the future, a real homeschool journey, and a real heart for trying to get it right – but with the trueness of life and the challenge of daily living in a fallen world.

The Fat Man Makes a Change (I Hope)

On September 27 & 28 of 2008 I will ride in the North Carolina (South Carolina) , Bike MS 2008.  This will be my first cuntury in the hills.  As an over weight rider I am afraid. The time has come to make a change.  I have set a new goal and this ride will set the time limit.  Maybe a little humiliation and peer preasure will help.  On Monday July 14th I weighed in at 226 lbs.  I hate to admit it, but it is the truth.  My goal is to ride my bike on September 27, 2008 from Rock Hill to Greenville at a weight less than 200 lbs.  I’ll try to post my weight each Monday along with the miles biked the previous week.  If any one is intrested in riding, you can join our team at  This ride is for a great cause and in the past it has been a pleasure to participate in.